IASCYS first statutes : explanation

IASCYS first appointment criteria : quotation

IASCYS foundation : 7 April 2010, Vienna (Austria) founder members

first general assembly : 24-27 October 2010, Chengdu, Sichuan (P.R. of China) photo

death of Von Glasersfeld (March 8, 1917, München, Deutschland - 12 November 2010) last speech Von Glasersfeld on wikipedia

first report of activity : 13 April 2012, Vienna (Austria) report

Charles François 90th birthday : 5 September 2012, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Charles François on wikipedia

Robert Vallée 90th birthday : 5 October 2012, Paris (France) Robert Vallée on wikipedia

IASCYS 2014 report of activities
nd General Assembly, Vienna, Austria 2014 report

IASCYS International Conference : 21-27 October 2015, Chengdu (P.R. China) research/training programme and keynotes

IASCYS remote Extraordinary General Assembly for new foundation -15 February 2016 : report
2016 General Assembly Academicians list

The 2016 IASCYS Yearbook (pdf)
2016 IASCYS governing regulation and principles:
internal rules
2018 internal rules addenda :
guidelines on governance good practice
2019 internal rules addendum : Certificated TALENTS

3rd IASCYS meeting in Chengdu (PR China), October 2017 schedule

10th UES-EUS meeting, Brussels, Belgium, October 2018, Workshop of the Academy:
Systemic means holistic, beyond the local and short-term criteria of benefit. booklet of abstracts
Charles FRANÇOIS International Prize
awards winners

Worldwide On Line 3rd General Assembly, 20th June - 20th October 2018, report 15th November 2018
2018 General Assembly Academicians list

The 2018 IASCYS Yearbook (pdf)

Academicians' appointment: scoring evolution

WCCS meeting, Ouarzazate, Morocco, April 2019, Workshop of the Academy: booklet of abstracts

IASCYS meeting, Beijing, P.R. China, May 2019: booklet of abstracts

2019 Beijing meeting: report

April 2020, IASCYS online campus founding member, UNESCO commitment letter

March 2021, IASCYS new foundation:

General Assembly voting results

remind of IASCYS Honorary Executive Committee role and rules of functioning

2021 internal rules ADDENDA for IASCYS governance

remind of IASCYS Academicians nomination procedure:

statutes and appointment steps